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R&D and application of new mold technology

release time:2018-04-28 17:12:36  Views:

Experts said that the development and application of new mold technology will certainly become the key development direction of the domestic mold manufacturing industry in the future. For example, taking the high-end line of my car mold is the only way for the mold enterprises to develop. The market demand and development also urges the development of large-scale multi-position progressive molds for other large and medium-sized stamping parts.

Stamping dies According to statistics, China's key backbone mold enterprises reached nearly 110, among which stamping dies accounted for about 37%, and these figures strongly support the fact that China has become a major country in automobile mold manufacturing. However, the development of automobile molds in China is not so ideal. The technical level of high-end automobile mold enterprises is not up to standard, the ability of technological innovation is low, and the lack of new types of mold R&D capabilities restricts the development of China's automobile mold industry. As a result, auto mold companies are unable to produce molds that match the high-end market. The molds needed for high-end auto manufacturing must also rely on imports. The

On the contrary, high-end mold enterprises in the country occasionally have to change their initial market position to seize medium and low-end markets due to insufficient production load. Due to the low profit margins in the low-end and middle-end markets, the funds invested in R&D and technological innovation are very few. In a certain situation, a vicious circle has formed and the companies have not entered a virtuous cycle of development because of the high-end auto mold enterprises in the country. Many, making it faced with increasingly fierce market competition. The

Experts said that in addition to meeting the Q quality, C cost, and T cycle requirements of traditional mold companies, the high-end automotive mold enterprises in China will become the key development direction for mold manufacturing in the future.

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