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Stamping die processing and development

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Stamping die is a kind of special process equipment that processes material (metal or non-metal) into parts (or semi-finished products) in cold stamping process. It is called cold stamping die (commonly known as cold die). Stamping is a pressure processing method that uses a mold mounted on a press to apply pressure to a material at room temperature to cause separation or plastic deformation, thereby obtaining the desired part. The materials used to make stamping dies include steel, carbide, steel cemented carbide, zinc-based alloys, low-melting-point alloys, aluminum bronzes, and polymer materials. The mold industry has been growing rapidly at a rate of about 15%. All the production points of the mold industry companies have also undergone tremendous changes. Apart from state-owned professional mold factories, collectives, joint ventures, sole proprietorships, and private companies have also developed rapidly.