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Analysis of the degree of specialization at the present stage of stamping die industry

release time:2018-04-28 17:16:00  Views:

The mold industry is an industry that provides manufacturing tools for the manufacturing industry. As long as the company's products change, new molds are needed. Therefore, the mold industry will not disappear. In recent years, with the promotion of the "two-wheel drive" development strategy, the machinery and equipment manufacturing industry has become a pillar industry that has developed rapidly in recent years and has a large demand for molds. Guangdong has large-scale mold companies such as Yihe, Dongjiang, Yishi Molding and Huayisheng.


The requirements for molds in the manufacturing industry are "high precision, good parts and long service life." However, mold companies should not lose confidence because of their large investment. To this end, Luo Baihui has made a good metaphor: The mold industry must be like a work of art. It must jump out of traditional thinking, and not shrink back from high investment. In this regard, Luo Baihui hopes that the government will give more support to mold companies. Mold enterprises must be organized together, strengthen information communication, and achieve equipment, technology, talent and market sharing.